About Perfect for Supper

Perfect for Supper was born in 2018 when I finally started to fall back in love with food after being diagnosed with adult sudden-onset food allergies. I was a lifestyle blogger for seven years before I finally gave in and started my ultimate passion project: a blog to help anyone else suffering from multiple food allergies.


To inspire healthy and delicious eating – no matter what your restrictions.

– About Kelly –

Shortly after I turned 21, I began having severe reactions to food even though I had no prior history of food or drug allergies. Over the next four years I developed seven food and two drug allergies. In total, I’m now allergic to barley, rye, peanuts, soy beans, kiwi fruit, apple skins and I have a severe intolerance to gluten.

The first few months post-diagnosis were tough, but being diagnosed with food allergies or a gluten tolerance in no way means that delicious and budget-friendly foods are out of the question – this blog is the proof!

This also isn’t my first foray into the blogging world: I started a fashion/beauty/lifestyle blog called “A Thing of Beauty” in April 2011 but I slowly came to the realization that blogging about clothes wasn’t what I was passionate about anymore.

I was a major foodie pre-diagnosis and I was determined to bring the joy of cooking back to my life and what better way to do it than to share it with the world!


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